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Projection – Dependence on wireless systems can increase to almost double by end of 2016 

Talking about wireless things, the market has seen sudden growth in recent years. Telephones with wires are still there and may be they will remain there for a long time. Fact is that our dependency on Wireless products has been growth to very high level and it is projected that this dependency will increase to almost double by end of 2016. The reason behind such projection is simple that wireless devices are easy to use and install in compare to wired. wireless products

Now, as the number of wireless products are going to increase and so will be the load on network. Thing is that all wireless products depends on some kind of data services, like cell phone depends on mobile networks and wifi. It can be easily said that most of the wireless products depends on mobile service providers and wifi.

Now problem occurs is that if there will be sudden rush in wireless market then problems like low network or network congestion may increase drastically and that arouses the need of cell phone signal boosters and wifi signal boosters. Cell phone signal amplifiers are in market from a long time now and it is expected that they will be needed more than ever in coming time.

Add a Cell Phone Booster to Make Life a Little Easy 

Cell Phones became a mainstay for each earthling. Right from eight to eighty this has become a district and parcel of each day life. Cell phone makers perceive this and have come back up with clever ideas to create it Hip as well as useful. Have you ever seen the “Do you hear Pine Tree State currently…” advertisement? Square measure they very about to try this variety of testing all over at totally different points in time. The signals square measure very addicted to however close to you’re to the tower. This in conjunction with however sensible is that the equipment you utilize dictates voice quality. Not all phones square measure created alike. Makers need to incorporate a differentiation issue to the high finish models therefore they place all told their position analysis leads to the high finish model. This includes the upper quality of reception.

For the parents who cannot nevertheless upgrade to the high finish instrumentality, “Shout Out – Listen Intensely” is AN everyday mantra. They need lower signal strength and that they begin hearing the person at ghost whispers. “Make life a little easy folks”. One in all the new commerce things in market today is that the cell phone boosters. These products advertise to resolve the “Shout Out – Listen Intensely” downside. These have an easy sticker that matches into the battery compartment and claim to boost the signal strength. They’re able to amplify the signals and create the cell phones receive higher signals than they might with the default antenna. I actually have seen many people who agree or disagree to the product’s claim. The jury remains out there. Apart from some tiny analysis findings that recommend they are doing facilitate it’s left to the cell phone user to gauge whether or not they facilitate or not.

Why signal reception is declining and what to do? 

Have you ever studied how much number of cell phone users is there all over the world? It is a large number and every cell phone user is not only using one cell phone only. There are a large number of cell phone users that are using more than one cell phone at a time. Increased number of cell phone users has resulted into traffic in network and the traffic in network resulted into poor coverage of network. And people started blaming their cell phones for it. This problem aroused because with increase in cell phone users, the companies were unable to install new service towers too. People who were in good reach of the towers were able to make calls in proper way and easily and their communication was reliable too. So, people needed something like their own tower that could provide them with better reception at the place they are residing at. So science developed cell phone repeater, capable of boosting signals. It could boost the weak signals only, but can’t create on its own. This was also known as cell phone signal booster by many people who knew that it worked on the principle of repeating signal frequency. There is a wide range of cell phone boosters available in the market and you need to select the best one matching your pocket as well as your requirements. Select the best mobile booster, follow the installation procedure properly and avail the benefits of having better reception of signals among others. This works as a mini tower at your home. Nowadays, new services like 3G, 4G have been launched in various countries, but all of them are waste until you are having poor signal reception. Normal booster can’t be used in this case. 4G signal booster is used for availing 4G service through 4G enabled cell phones.

My Ride! 

Leadville, one tough race day! 

Newly Introduced from Wilson Electronics – Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint. 

Talking about 5 band signal boosters, very first company comes in mind use to be Wilson Electronics and yes Wilson 421104 is there latest introduction in market. In true values, it can be said that only Wilson 461104 is a true 5 Band signal booster, I am not saying that rest are worthless but this latest device have something which others do not.

Firstly, it have be cleared that Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint is made according to rule and regulations laid by FCC last year and have been passed through all needed tests. At, we opened it and below is the review and  other details.

Talking about capabilities – it can be easily said that this is a cell phone signal expander which comes on the top of the list. The ability of covering over 20,000 sq ft area is simply awesome. One of the major good things about this booster is that it is compatible with almost all carriers of USA, so you need not to worry about it at time of purchase.

Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint has came with a serious security function, which was needed from log time. Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint comes with a function which do not allows different networks to interfere in each other. Moreover, Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint allows consumer to control the amplifier strength on per frequency basis, which was also demanded from a long time.


 Wilson 461104

What comes with it –

  1. Yagi Antenna Wilson 314411 – This is an outside antenna and it is strongest antenna available at this time in market. It captures signals from every reachable tower.
  2. 75’ Black Cable (Wilson 400) –  An ultra Low Loss LMR400 cable from Wilson, to connect yagi antenna with booster.
  3. Wilson 461004 AG Pro Quint 70dB amplifier – The best cell phone booster or amplifier from Wilson Electronics.
  4. 60’ Black Cable (Wilson 400) – Cable to connect inside panel with amplifier.
  5. Wilson 311135 Panel Antenna
  6. 5V/2.5A AC/DC Power Supply
  7. Instruction Manual

650B Useful Video Collections 

A Little Education on Toray Carbon 

Toray is a brand. Toray 800 is an intermediate level carbon. If they are using T800K then they are most likely using 6K or 12K tow (weave) sizes. Carbon fiber tow is the packaged form of individual spools as produced in the carbon fiber making process. The K value indicates the number of individual filaments within the tow. A lower  tow means it is easier to produce and therefore cheaper. The lower the tow, the weaker the frame is because that means it has less fibers per tow. Any of the Toray carbons that start with a “T” are considered high strength. Any of the Toray carbons that start with an “M” are considered to be high modulus. Basically, no matter what a manufacturer calls their carbons, it is most likely either 1K, 3K, 6K,12K or 24K. The main carbon manufacturers are are Toho Tenax, Toray Industrial and Mitsubishi Rayon, all based in Japan.

It may be tough to convince yourself to pay much more for a carbon frame when they all seem to be the same. Dont be fooled my friend; not all carbon is created equal.


carbon tow


Carbon Tow- Bundles of individual carbon filaments

carbon weave

Carbon Weave- Carbon tow woven together to form a sheet

Toray  Data Sheet

T800H An intermediate modulus, high tensile strength fiber, with high level and balance composite properties. Designed and developed to meet the weight saving demands of aircraft applications. Is used in primary structure of commercial aircraft, including vertical fin and horizontal stabilizers. Available in 6K and 12K tow sizes.
T800S A very cost-effective, high tensile strength alternative to T800H. This never-twisted fiber has especially high tensile properties. Available only in a 24K tow size.


Designation Fiber Type Number of Filament Tensile Strength
Tensile Strength
Tensile Modulus
Tensile Modulus
Mas per Unit Length
T700SC-12000 T700SC 12000 4900 500 230 23500 2.1 800 1.8
T700SC-24000 T700SC 24000 4900 500 230 23500 2.1 1650 1.8
T800HB-6000 T800HB 6000 5490 560 294 30000 1.9 223 1.81
T800HB-12000 T800HB 12000 5490 560 294 30000 1.9 445 1.81
T1000GB-12000 T1000GB 12000 6370 650 294 30000 2.2 485 1.8

Tensile strength measures the force required to pull something such as rope, wire, or a structural beam to the point where it breaks.

Tensile modulus or elastic modulus, is a measure of the stiffness of an elastic material and is a quantity used to characterize materials.

Why is carbon better than steel or aluminum frames? 

Carbon is as naturally occurring as steel or aluminum. It is so naturally occurring that we humans are made out of carbon. Carbon is the basic building block of all life forms. The strongest substance on earth diamond is carbon and so is the most fragile one graphite! The amazing nature of carbon is its state and form of occurrence and the ways it can be manipulated to achieve the desired results. It is the 4th most abundant substance on earth, the list goes on..and on!

Now lets talk about how it is relevant to bikes and frame manufacturing? Different manufactures have dabbled with different materials from steel, aluminum, titanium, Scandium and several other materials to achieve what is possibly a light frame and a stiff frame. Light frame and stiff frame are two opposite side of the spectrum and we are trying to get the best of both worlds, so to speak. Of all the materials tested so far , carbon is the most promising candidate that is not only promising to get better but also a proven material. Now, the one down side to carbon is that it does not occur naturally in finished form like other material like aluminum or steel. The carbon we want is attained after a long rigorous process of weaving, oxidizing, laying , drying and re-laying !
Simple Triangle Carbon Frame
Because of the process involved, carbon bike frames are expensive and only the bike manufacturers with most money were able to offer them at first with a premium cost tag. Now, like any other industry the carbon bike industry has come to a place where it is affordable by an average bike enthusiast without breaking your bank. If you are looking for a simple road bike or a hard tail mountain bike frame with no complex shapes and pivot points like the full suspension bikes require, then you are in luck! The best method to achieve those complex rear triangle is by using what is called a monocoque carbon laying. Unlike the conventional frames that rely on the actual internal strength of the material the monocoque construction transfers the actual sheer force to the skin of the frame. So a complex frame design can still be built with no weak links in the frame. The conventional tube to tube construction can be thought of as welding two carbon tubes together, only that is it not welded per say, but bonded under hear with carbon bonding agent and fusing them with heat. This method does not allow for complex design structures to be connected, cause of the amount of bonding material it takes to achieve the desired strength out weights the purpose of carbon frame which is weight reduction.

The Basics of Bicycles and getting familiar with the Jargon! 

If you were riding a one-speed, Multi-speed gears can help you climb hills very comfortably which can force you to stand up and “pump” or to get off to push. They also help you to move downhill or with the wind even faster.
What about Cadence? Every cyclist has an ideal “cadence” (pedaling speed), and an ideal resistance from their pedals. While pedaling at your ideal cadence, you have to give the higher amount of power to sustain efficiently. Cadence can be chosen by shifting gears. Your “ideal” cadence will be depending on the slope of the road, the wind conditions, and your own capabilities at times.

When to use high gear and low gear?
“Higher” gears need more resistance on the pedals. If you select a high gear, you will end up a slower cadence. “Lower” gears help the pedals to turn easily, so it becomes easier to spin to a fast cadence. If you had a bicycle which has infinite number of gears, you might be pedaling at the same ideal cadence and with same resistance on the pedals. Obviously, the bike would go slower on the hills, and faster while moving down the hill, but you would not find any difference.

Here is a nice video about understanding bicycle gears!

How to ride a bike, when it really matters?

If you are “Pushing” a high gear where a slow cadence is required, then it will be very difficult, it will be like power lifting. Spinning” a lower gear at a fast cadence is like swimming rapidly. Toe clips pedals make spin very effective. They also enhance one’s safety, because they help your feet to fix to the pedals from slipping. They help them in getting used to these clips, but experienced cyclists may not find them valuable. On a 10-speed bike, the front of the chain runs over 2 “chain rings” or front sprockets which are attached to the pedal cranks. The rear of the chain wraps around 5 sprockets attached to the hub of the rear wheel. The 2 chain rings and 5 rear sprockets give 10 theoretically combinations. This set-up requires two separate gear “derailleur “, one for the front 2 and the other for the rear 5. This is as complicated as gearing a bicycle. A derailleur helps the chain from one sprocket to another in moving chain forward. The front derailleur is a guide to move the chain to sideways. The chain can be moved only sideways while moving forward. So you can only shift the chain of you are pedaling forward. The rear derailleur can be shifted by using the bottom loop of the chain, which is nearer to the derailleur’s pulleys and springs.Try to visualize gear to shift the chain is to its original place, rather than by rote memorizing the positions of the controls of the shifts. The sprockets that are nearer to the middle of the bike (small front, large rear) give the lower gears. The outer sprockets (large front, small rear) give higher gears.

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