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Newly Introduced from Wilson Electronics – Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint.

Talking about 5 band signal boosters, very first company comes in mind use to be Wilson Electronics and yes Wilson 421104 is there latest introduction in market. In true values, it can be said that only Wilson 461104 is a true 5 Band signal booster, I am not saying that rest are worthless but this […]

Projection – Dependence on wireless systems can increase to almost double by end of 2016

Talking about wireless things, the market has seen sudden growth in recent years. Telephones with wires are still there and may be they will remain there for a long time. Fact is that our dependency on Wireless products has been growth to very high level and it is projected that this dependency will increase to […]


The positive decision Force5 may be a self-contained, five-band, Voice/3G/4G LTE cellular signal booster. It’s designed with high one-dimensionality to support up to a hundred synchronic callers and information users for coverage areas of 20-25,000 sq. feet. The Force5 combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands for all major carriers with LTE and AWS frequencies for Verizon, […]

Why signal reception is declining and what to do?

Have you ever studied how much number of cell phone users is there all over the world? It is a large number and every cell phone user is not only using one cell phone only. There are a large number of cell phone users that are using more than one cell phone at a time. […]