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LTE is the short type of Long Term Evolution. It is the development of GSM innovation which has developed from GSM/GPRS/EDGE (2G/2.5 G/2.75 G) to WCDMA (3G) to LTE and LTE-Advanced as 4 (G). One of the real contrasts in these GSM innovations is in the multiplexing strategy at the air interface. LTE utilizes OFDMA […]

New 4G Lte Mobile Devices Coming To Baltimore Verizon Wireless Carrier Stores

Customers get unlimited minutes, sms messages and 500 megabytes of data for $50 a thirty days. Doing well . this is a major blow to RIM and Google, but much more on that further. HTC has advertised before about being the first 4G smartphone manufacturer, with the HTC EVO, but an astute reader of Rolling […]


Transit Wireless has withstood and embraced the five-year extend in association with the MTA to plan and send 3G and 4G LTE cell and WiFi benefits in each of the 277 stations in the New York tram framework. In the long run the underground system will cover 20 million square feet of open space. Transit […]


The positive decision Force5 may be a self-contained, five-band, Voice/3G/4G LTE cellular signal booster. It’s designed with high one-dimensionality to support up to a hundred synchronic callers and information users for coverage areas of 20-25,000 sq. feet. The Force5 combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands for all major carriers with LTE and AWS frequencies for Verizon, […]

WeBoost Drive 4G-X OTR is the only companion you may need on your truck driving job

If staying connected is essential for your business, or you find yourself in the country or wide open spaces, this product is for you. The WeBoost Drive 4G-X OTR cell phone signal booster maintains continuous communication for all phones and other cellular-enabled devices in your truck or RV. Installation is easy. The most powerful in-vehicle […]

WiFi Booster for Mobile Devices

  Model: WN1000RP NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender for Mobile extends your existing WiFi network to places out of reach with your existing WiFi. It’s ideal for adding additional connectivity to your smartphone or tablet. Just plug into an electrical outlet and give your WiFi new reach. Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE standard 802.11 […]