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LTE is the short type of Long Term Evolution. It is the development of GSM innovation which has developed from GSM/GPRS/EDGE (2G/2.5 G/2.75 G) to WCDMA (3G) to LTE and LTE-Advanced as 4 (G). One of the real contrasts in these GSM innovations is in the multiplexing strategy at the air interface. LTE utilizes OFDMA […]

Cell Phones with its Plus and Minus!!

Cell phones are interesting, useful and play a major role in our lives by bringing people closer together and keeping in constant touch with one another. However, most people do not understand the physics of a cell phone. Cell phones are defined as type of wireless communication device or may be as sophisticated radios. They […]

Cellular telephones Vs Satellite telephones, which is better?

Mobile telephone, also called mobile phone, portable device for connecting to a telecommunications network in order to transmit and receive voice, video, or other data. Mobile phones typically connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through one of two categories: Cellular telephone systems Global satellite-based telephony Earlier days, the first mobile and portable subscriber units for cellular systems were large […]

Digital Technology in Mobile Phones

Cell phones use radio technology. the primary generation of cell phones used the analog system, with a definite variety of channels in every cell. However, the analog system didn’t have the technology to compress the signals that were transferred between the cellular phone and also the cellular network, that created a system overload. A system […]


The positive decision Force5 may be a self-contained, five-band, Voice/3G/4G LTE cellular signal booster. It’s designed with high one-dimensionality to support up to a hundred synchronic callers and information users for coverage areas of 20-25,000 sq. feet. The Force5 combines PCS and Cellular dual-bands for all major carriers with LTE and AWS frequencies for Verizon, […]

Tips For iPhone Battery Extension

Now you may follow the above steps to improve your life of the battery. They are designed to charge your wireless phone quickly so it is possible to use it again. Put back it on the right side. The Motorola Atrix 4G is more than just a smartphone. When used with other optional accessories, this […]