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Newly Introduced from Wilson Electronics – Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint.

Talking about 5 band signal boosters, very first company comes in mind use to be Wilson Electronics and yes Wilson 421104 is there latest introduction in market. In true values, it can be said that only Wilson 461104 is a true 5 Band signal booster, I am not saying that rest are worthless but this latest device have something which others do not.

Firstly, it have be cleared that Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint is made according to rule and regulations laid by FCC last year and have been passed through all needed tests. At, we opened it and below is the review and  other details.

Talking about capabilities – it can be easily said that this is a cell phone signal expander which comes on the top of the list. The ability of covering over 20,000 sq ft area is simply awesome. One of the major good things about this booster is that it is compatible with almost all carriers of USA, so you need not to worry about it at time of purchase.

Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint has came with a serious security function, which was needed from log time. Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint comes with a function which do not allows different networks to interfere in each other. Moreover, Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint allows consumer to control the amplifier strength on per frequency basis, which was also demanded from a long time.


 Wilson 461104

What comes with it –

  1. Yagi Antenna Wilson 314411 – This is an outside antenna and it is strongest antenna available at this time in market. It captures signals from every reachable tower.
  2. 75’ Black Cable (Wilson 400) –  An ultra Low Loss LMR400 cable from Wilson, to connect yagi antenna with booster.
  3. Wilson 461004 AG Pro Quint 70dB amplifier – The best cell phone booster or amplifier from Wilson Electronics.
  4. 60’ Black Cable (Wilson 400) – Cable to connect inside panel with amplifier.
  5. Wilson 311135 Panel Antenna
  6. 5V/2.5A AC/DC Power Supply
  7. Instruction Manual