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A Little Education on Toray Carbon

Toray is a brand. Toray 800 is an intermediate level carbon. If they are using T800K then they are most likely using 6K or 12K tow (weave) sizes. Carbon fiber tow is the packaged form of individual spools as produced in the carbon fiber making process. The K value indicates the number of individual filaments within the tow. A lower  tow means it is easier to produce and therefore cheaper. The lower the tow, the weaker the frame is because that means it has less fibers per tow. Any of the Toray carbons that start with a “T” are considered high strength. Any of the Toray carbons that start with an “M” are considered to be high modulus. Basically, no matter what a manufacturer calls their carbons, it is most likely either 1K, 3K, 6K,12K or 24K. The main carbon manufacturers are are Toho Tenax, Toray Industrial and Mitsubishi Rayon, all based in Japan.

It may be tough to convince yourself to pay much more for a carbon frame when they all seem to be the same. Dont be fooled my friend; not all carbon is created equal.


carbon tow


Carbon Tow- Bundles of individual carbon filaments

carbon weave

Carbon Weave- Carbon tow woven together to form a sheet

Toray  Data Sheet

T800H An intermediate modulus, high tensile strength fiber, with high level and balance composite properties. Designed and developed to meet the weight saving demands of aircraft applications. Is used in primary structure of commercial aircraft, including vertical fin and horizontal stabilizers. Available in 6K and 12K tow sizes.
T800S A very cost-effective, high tensile strength alternative to T800H. This never-twisted fiber has especially high tensile properties. Available only in a 24K tow size.


Designation Fiber Type Number of Filament Tensile Strength
Tensile Strength
Tensile Modulus
Tensile Modulus
Mas per Unit Length
T700SC-12000 T700SC 12000 4900 500 230 23500 2.1 800 1.8
T700SC-24000 T700SC 24000 4900 500 230 23500 2.1 1650 1.8
T800HB-6000 T800HB 6000 5490 560 294 30000 1.9 223 1.81
T800HB-12000 T800HB 12000 5490 560 294 30000 1.9 445 1.81
T1000GB-12000 T1000GB 12000 6370 650 294 30000 2.2 485 1.8

Tensile strength measures the force required to pull something such as rope, wire, or a structural beam to the point where it breaks.

Tensile modulus or elastic modulus, is a measure of the stiffness of an elastic material and is a quantity used to characterize materials.